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  ISSUE No. 71

Dear Valued Investors,

Since the beginning of the year, our monthly newsletters have covered topics of significant interest to the investor community such as biotechnology, financial services, competitiveness, trade, entrepreneurship and the expanded Africa strategy...

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Evolution of the Mauritius Freeport

Key indicators

Mauritius among the top 15 free zones in the world.

The Mauritius Freeport ranked among the top 15 free zones in the Global Free Zones of the Future 2012/13 report published by FDI Magazine...

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Interview of Mr. Abhay Salunkhe, Managing Director of Royal Cresta Paints Ltd

What has attracted Royal Cresta Paints Ltd to the Mauritius Freeport for its minor processing activity in the region?

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Interview of Mr. Klaus Gohra, Director, Petredec Mauritius Ltd

Would you share with our readers what Petredec does and what are its operations in Mauritius?

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Interview of Mr. Allan Snyman, CEO, Africasia Electronics Manufacturing Ltd

What attracted Africasia Electronics Manufacturing Ltd to the Mauritius Freeport for its minor processing activity?

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Interview of Mr. Vishal Nunkoo, CEO, Velogic

How do you see the future of the Mauritian Freeport sector?

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The Mauritius Freeport: a duty-free logistics, distribution and marketing hub for international trade - Mr. Afzal Delbar, Secretary General, Freeport Operators Association

A Freeport is a customs-free zone providing traders and international investors with tailor-made logistics for the transshipment, consolidation, storage and minor processing of goods for re-exports.

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Interview of Dr. Régine Rouzier, Managing Director of Cap Research

Cap Research has decided to set up in Mauritius. Could you tell us about your company and its activities?

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Ebola Campaign

The Board of Investment is pleased to announce its partnership with Abax in the Kass Konté Ebola initiative in support of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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