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Government of Mauritius

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Newsletter July 2017- New Economic Sectors in Focus


Dear Valued Investors,

Our economy has built a very particular kind of resilience to adverse tides, allowing us time and again to achieve more than what we would have done. Formidable workmanship, astute policy making, and nifty economic diplomacy have all helped in forging this special identity of ours.

However, the strength and the credibility of our institutions have been the real standard bearers of our economic transformation, diligently ensuring that our pursuits have not been vain endeavors. They have for a long time held together the ambitions of our aspirations and the keenness of our actions to position Mauritius as an example to the rest of the world. Reforms are necessary to ensure that global challenges and uncertainties can be converted into opportunities.

This edition of the newsletter provides certain insights on the diversity of our economic offering. Several sectors such as Fintech, the Ocean economy or ICT are today rapidly emerging, with projects that will provide important benefits to the wider community. These new segments represent a shift in our economic structure, as we tread on paths that have not been explored.

Such initiatives carry a weighty baggage of apprehensions, and a lack of information can unfortunately cause prejudice to the perceived good that these initiatives can bring. However, if we can remain in the realm of quantifiable facts, we should confidently go ahead with projects that can help us make the leap into the high-income economy league. Unfounded fears should never curtail progress.

I wish you a pleasant read.

Managing Director

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