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December 2013

Dear Valued Investors,

With the New Year just round the corner, it is time to reflect on our performance and outcomes regarding investment projects, project materialisation and promotional activities.

Despite an overall downside risk at the beginning of the year due to weak external demand and an international economic environment fraught with challenges, the strategies we pursued have proved their pertinence.

Overall, the island’s visibility as an investment, business and services platform for Asia and Africa has been enhanced. With the Africa Centre of Excellence, we have extended our footprint through prospection missions, forums and conferences on the continent. Significant inroads have been made in new and emerging markets. In addition, via the CNBC linkage, the positioning of Mauritius as the competitive gateway to Africa is visible.

This increased visibility has been confirmed by the number of conclusive inward missions from Asia and Africa.

Global momentum has been heading in the right direction, even if many economies are still battling with the threat of recession. Our targeted markets have, however, maintained their growth traction. We therefore remain convinced that there is a further upside to catch as currently more lucrative investment opportunities are opening up in emerging markets on the African continent.

On the home front, a quick overview of 2013 shows that our marketing thrust is gradually correcting the “imbalance” in FDI inflows. The seafood sector has experienced success with teeming investment and an increase in export value. Though the tourism sector weathered a very testing season, it has witnessed the materialisation of new hotel projects. The ICT sector has demonstrated its robustness, having hit the 20,000-job mark, while the manufacturing sector reconnected with investment flows. However, real estate is still the driver for FDI.

2014 will focus on chasing pockets of opportunity. We shall prioritize attracting FDI and stimulating local investment. The visibility of Mauritius in traditional, emerging and new markets will receive greater attention. To offset the shortage in talents and move closer to achieving the high-income economy goal, strategies will be implemented to attract qualified and experienced professionals to work and live in Mauritius. We shall equally expand the export of services underpinned by the expanded Africa strategy. Finally, our resources will be deployed throughout the year to ensure the success of six important conferences which BOI will be organizing.

On a last positive note, we are pleased to announce that BOI’s management system has been successfully audited for the ISO certification by Société Générale de Surveillance. This certification reflects BOI’s commitment to excellence as well as our determination to attract quality investments in line with the nation’s inclusive and sustainable growth objectives.

We take this opportunity to thank all our partners and stakeholders for their collaboration and support during this past year and we extend to all of you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous year in 2014.

Ken Poonoosamy
Managing Director