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Government of Mauritius

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News Archive 2016

Mauritius, one of the world’s full democracy

Mauritius remains the most democratic country in Sub-saharan Africa (SAA) according to the 8th edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index 2015 entitled ‘Democracy in an age of anxiety’ which was released yesterday.

Mauritius ranks 18th in the world but 1st in Africa, with an overall score of 8.28

Mauritius is deemed to be a “full democracy”, whereas 23 states, - more than half of the SSA countries - are considered “authoritarian”, while 12 are classified as “hybrid regimes”.

Working Session with the Fujian Delegation

A Fujian delegation led by Mr. Song Kening, Director General, Fujian Provincial Foreign Affairs Office was in Mauritius from 23rd to 26th January to explore investment opportunities and avenues of cooperation.

Introduction of a new scheme that will allow companies operating in the ICT/BPO Sector to create additional opportunities

Cabinet has agreed to a job new scheme that will allow companies operating in the ICT/BPO Sector to create additional opportunities on the basis of a 1:1 formula, i.e., one foreign employee against one Mauritian employee, for all new applications. Foreign expertise would be allowed on the condition that for each foreign worker employed, an equivalent job is created for a Mauritian on a pairing concept to allow for the transfer of knowledge and technology. The Employment (Non-Citizens) (Restriction) Exemptions Regulations 1970 would be amended to allow expatriates coming to work in companies in the ICT/BPO Sector to be granted a Business Visa, pending the ICT/BPO companies applying for work permit, so that they could start work immediately on arrival.

Government gears up to implement the Graduate Training Employment Scheme

With a view to addressing, and implementing a solution to the unemployment rate among new graduates, a training scheme has been developed jointly by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research, the Human Resource Development Council and Business Mauritius as announced in the 2015-2016 Budget Speech.

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