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The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018: Mauritius is the most talent competitive country in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018 entitled “Diversity for Competitiveness” which has been recently released by Insead Business School ranks Mauritius 46th globally out of 119 countries.  Mauritius has secured the first position as Sub-Saharan Africa`s brightest destination for attracting, developing, growing and retaining talents.

In the context of the GTCI, talent competitiveness refers to the set of policies and practices that enable a country to develop, at­tract, and empower the human capital that contributes to pro­ductivity and prosperity.

According to the index, the four upper-middle income countries in Sub-Saharan Africa namely Mauritius (46th), Botswana (62nd), South Africa (63rd) and Namibia (80th) dominate the top four places in the region. Only Mauritius is above the median GTCI score, with a total score of 46.79 witnessed by an excellent performance in  terms of  attracting talents (33rd), regulatory landscape (24th) and solid enable pillar (33rd).

The report highlights that diversity and inclusion are  incontest­able ways of improving talent competitiveness.  Innovation is imperative to encourage employees to come up with new ideas and to encourage leaders to implement them.

The annual benchmarking report measures the performance of countries based on the pillars namely enable, attract, grow, retain, vocational & technical skills and global knowledge skills.

High-income countries namely Switzerland, Singapore, US, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg occupy the top 10 slot of the index.

Read the full report here.

20th Feb 2018