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Government of Mauritius

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Smart Cities: Official launch of Moka Smart City by the Prime Minister

Almost two years after the announcement of the Smart City Scheme, the Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Pravind Jugnauth officially launched the Moka Smart City project on 12th April 2017 at the Vivéa Business Park, Moka.

Leveraging its bicentennial involvement in the diversified economic development of the country, the ENL Group aims at further urbanizing the Moka region by the creation of Moka Smart City which will span some 1600 arpents. This ambitious project will synthesize an optimal use of resources, the inclusion and participation of the community with a focus on quality of life, while opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

DSC 6142

The ongoing urbanization of Moka is aligned with the holistic three-fold “work-live-play” concept as well as the principle of integrated and healthy community development.

During his address, the Honourable Prime Minister lauded the ENL Group for its contribution to the modernization of Mauritius and reiterated Government`s determination to facilitate private sector investment in an improved business climate, the essential condition for enhancing national progress. He also seized the opportunity to underscore that the Fast Track Committee has approved not less than 123 projects for a total amount of MUR 19 billion. 

3D La Promenade

Mr. Hector Espitalier Noël, the CEO of ENL Group, underlined the group`s policy to strengthen public-private-sector synergy by initiating projects which will generate new jobs. The Moka Smart City project is estimated at MUR 25 bn and it will be developed over a period of 25 years. The group has been a significant player engaged in fostering the vitality of the social and cultural fabric in the central part of the island.

In line with its vision to build intelligent, innovative and sustainable cities of the future, the Government introduced the “Smart City Scheme” by providing an enabling framework and a package of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to attract investments in projects across the island.


13 April 2017