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Foreign Direct Investment surges to MUR 13.6 bn in 2016

According to the latest statistics published by the Bank of Mauritius, FDI inflows into the Mauritian economy for period January to December 2016 witnessed an increase of 41% as compared to the previous year.  FDI inflows to the tune of MUR 13.6 bn have been recorded for the four quarters of 2016 as compared to MUR 9.7 bn in 2015.


Real estate and financial services remain the most attractive sectors which were the main recipients of FDI. Real Estate activities recorded FDI to the tune of MUR 9.9 bn of which IRS/RES/IHS accounted for MUR 7.9 bn. Direct investment flows of MUR 2.1 bn were recorded in the financial services sector while the manufacturing sector registered MUR 511 million.

There are clear signs of an upswing in FDI from developing countries. FDI from developing countries accounted for MUR 6.46 bn as compared to MUR 3.34 bn in 2015.

France remains the main source of FDI for the country with a contribution of MUR 4.5 bn. In addition, an influx of MUR 2.4 bn originated from China, representing 17.9% of the total FDI while South Africa channeled MUR 1.96 bn into the Mauritian economy.

Outward investment amounted to MUR 1.8 bn in 2016 and they were mostly oriented towards the Manufacturing sector (MUR 812 million) and the financial sector (MUR 69 million). Direct investment to Reunion island totalled MUR 686 million while those channeled to Madagascar amounted to MUR 68 million. Investment abroad were mainly geared towards developing countries and Africa represents the biggest recipient of FDI to the tune of MUR 895 million.

Download the official figures here.

6 April 2017