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The consolidation of bilateral and economic ties between Mauritius and the Comoros

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mauritius (MCCI) and the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture (UCCIA) of Comoros, in collaboration with the Board of Investment and Enterprise Mauritius, organized a business forum this morning, Thursday 27th April 2017 at the Voilà Bagatelle Hotel.  The event was attended by a high-level delegation from the Comoros, comprising His Excellency  Mr. Azali Assoumani, the President of the Union of Comoros, Dr. Abdou Katibou, Director of the National Agency for Investment Promotion of the Comoros, Mr. Ahmed Ali Bazi, President of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture and 20 delegates as well as key representatives of the Mauritian business community. 

The objective of the forum is  to facilitate and strengthen cooperation between the business community of the two countries.  Four agreements were signed by different institutions from the two countries, namely:

  • A Memorandum of Understanding between the UCCIA and MCCI
  • A  Memorandum of Understanding between BOI and its Comoros counterpart, the National Agency for Investment Promotion of the Comoros
  • A Memorandum of Understanding between the Mauritian and the Comorian Ministry of Health bearing on medical evacuation
  • An Agreement on the transfer of prisoners

With a view to consolidating fruitful collaboration between the two countries,  Honourable Pravind Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius and His Excellency Mr. Azali Assoumani also signed a reciprocal agreement for the exemption of travel visas between Mauritius and the Comoros. The Honourable Prime Minister availed himself of the opportunity to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding for investment promotion and protection between the two islands is already in force.

Furthermore, the Comorian President announced the setting up of a Comoros embassy in Mauritius. To consolidate diplomatic relations, the Honorary Consul of Mauritius will be elevated to the rank of General Consul for the Comoros. He also underscored the similarities between our two countries, reiterating that “Mauritius has always been at our side for the restoration of peace”.

The first meeting of the Joint Commission took place on Wednesday 26th April. This initiative made possible a complete review of the new areas of cooperation between Mauritius and the Comoros. "We intend to help each other on several levels, both at the judicial level and in the ocean economy sector. It is important to have a better coordination in the maritime field in order to ensure effective management and enforce a security component to boost regional growth,” stated Honourable Pravind Jugnauth. The Prime Minister also made an appeal to all players and stake-holders to promote development initiatives between the two countries.

Mr. Marday Venkatasamy, the  Vice president of MCCI, pointed out that the Comoros represent an important market for Mauritian operators. Trade between the two countries reached USD 6 million in 2016. “The region must level out obstacles in the way of the smooth flow of business,” he stated.

On the other hand, Mr. Vinay Guddye, Head of Outward Investment at BOI, made a presentation on Mauritius as the economic hub for the region.


27 April 2017