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Africa Downunder Conference, 6th to 8th September 2017, Perth, Western Australia

The Board of Investment is participating in the Africa Downunder Conference which will be held from 6th to 8th September 2017, at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Perth, Western Australia. It is expected that the conference will attract around 1,000 delegates with the strong support from African and Australian Government officials. The 2017 edition of Africa Downunder Conference will feature in-depth discussions on key topics such as infrastructure and project financing, security on the continent and will address the complexities of African mining as well as raise awareness regarding opportunities throughout Africa. 

The Board of Investment will collaborate with FSPA to host a booth at the event.  The Africa Downunder Conference was created 15 years ago to raise awareness of Australia’s interests in African mining and energy. Over the years, the conference has grown into the largest African mining-focused event outside the continent itself.

In recent years, more and more Australian companies are venturing into Africa to explore the extractive industry. A steady growth in Australian oil and gas investment on the continent has been noted. However, investing directly into Africa comes with the burden of high withholding taxes, capital gains tax, high investment risks and no preferential access. Given these prevalent conditions, Mauritius can be a strategic partner for Australian companies blazing their way into Africa by benefiting from the sound network of bilateral treaties which Mauritius has signed with several African States. Besides, our membership in the African Union and regional economic blocs (such as COMESA and SADC), low income and corporation taxes, no capital gains tax and relative ease and efficiency of establishing corporate vehicles constitute great assets to be capitalized upon. Australian based MNCs can thus set up their Regional Headquarters in Mauritius, a shared service location for niche services such as finance, ICT, legal and other professional services.

The objectives of participation are:

  • To promote Mauritius as the springboard for investing in Africa and showcase the Mauritius IFC along with its advantages and encourage Australian investors to structure their investment through Mauritius in their venture to explore mining opportunities in Africa.
  • To actively promote Mauritius as a Professional Service hub and investment location.
  • To conduct one-on-one meetings with high-net worth individuals and Australian companies investing in Africa.
  • To set the base towards including “Mining in Africa” as a collaborative framework in the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Cooperation Agreement negotiation.

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