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Government of Mauritius

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Investment Opportunities

The rational exploitation of fish has enabled the local seafood industry to be founded on the development of value-added fisheries and seafood-related activities.  The sector offers opportunities in:

  • Fishing
  • Transshipment
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Light processing such as sorting, grading, cleaning, filleting, loining and canning.

Attractiveness of Mauritius as a Seafood Hub

  • The Indian Ocean holds the second largest stock of tuna resources
  • Foreign Fishing Licenses. Licences are issued mainly to foreign long liners and purse-seiners
  • Modern Logistics Platform in Indian Ocean Region
  • The Mauritius Freeport provides more than 80,000 m3 of cold room facilities
  • Seafood-related services such as Ship agency, Vessel husbandry, Freight forwarding, Dedicated reefer carriers, Bunkering/ Ship Supplies, Reefer container plug-in points, Health Certification Services
  • Ship Agency and Logistics Services
  • Ship Repairs



Quick Facts

  • Contribution to GDP (fisheries): 1.5 %
  • Contribution to national exports (fisheries): 18.7 %
  • Revenue from fishing vessels: Rs. 8.5 billion
  • No. of callings foreign fishing vessels: 851
  • Employment: 6,000
  • Indirect employment in the seafood sector (ancillary services): 10,000
  • Turnover: MUR 22.28 billion

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