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Government of Mauritius

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Investment Opportunities

The Mauritius Freeport offers the following investment opportunities:

  1. Warehousing and storage;
  2. Breaking bulk;
  3. Sorting, grading, cleaning and mixing;
  4. Labelling, packing, repacking and repackaging;
  5. Light assembly;
  6. Minor processing;
  7. Ship building, repairs and maintenance of ships and aircraft;
  8. Storage, maintenance and repairs of empty containers;
  9. Freight forwarding services;
  10. Quality control and inspection services;
  11. Export and re-export oriented airport and seaport based activities;
  12. Any manufacturing activity, provided that –
    1. the enterprise exports its manufactured goods to the extent of at least 95 per cent of its annual turnover, of which at least 50 per cent shall be exported to Africa; and
    2. the remaining percentage may, upon approval by the Board of Investment, be put on the local market.
  13. Global trading, provided that the private freeport developer or freeport operator operates one or more activities referred to in sub-items (a) to (k);
  14. Vault services in respect of gold, silver, platinum, precious and semiprecious stones, precious metals, pearls, works of art and collectors’ pieces or antiques;
  15. Security, courier or assaying services, where relevant, wholly and exclusively for the items referred to in paragraph (n);
  16. Providing freeport related services outside Mauritius for advisory, marketing, engineering, project management, technical support and related services through a company incorporated in Mauritius.

Attractiveness of Mauritius Freeport as a Logistics Platform

The Mauritius Freeport is one of the leading duty-free logistics and distribution hubs of the region.  Its various features include:

  • Strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, Middle-East, Australia and Africa
  • Excellent infrastructure and transshipment facilities
  • Warehousing, processing and distribution facilities
  • Competitive operational costs
  • Serviced by major shipping lines and airlines
  • Exemption from customs duties on all goods imported and used exclusively in the zone
  • Free repatriation of profits
  • Skilled labour
  • Preferential access to COMESA and SADC Market, US Market  (through AGOA) and EU Market
  • 50% of the re-export value can be sold on the local market

Quick Facts

  • Sectoral growth rate: 2.9%
  • Contribution: 0.6%
  • No. of Freeport zones: 17 (Incl. 3PL and Private Freeport Developer)
  • No. Freeport operators: 225
  • Total Trade Volume: 760,544 Tons
  • Total Trade Value: MUR 44 Billion
  • Export Volume: 372,735 Tons
  • Import Volume: 388,082 Tons
  • No. of containers at Import: 5,552
  • No. of containers at Export: 9,225

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