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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving innovation and new opportunities by transforming every object, consumer and activity into the digital realm and is most likely to become a multi trillion industry in the near future.

In this next era of technology, investment in IOT technologies will lead to stunning productivity, environmental, medical, entertainment and human benefits. Well established internationals around the world are investing in IOT technologies to make their industrial equipment smarter and their business processes more efficient.

This industry represents a huge investment opportunity for investors and Mauritius can be considered as the right platform in providing critical solutions for the IoT Market. Chip making companies can set up operations in Mauritius, to sell chips around the world that could be integrated into IT devices, power servers, cars and wireless audio amongst others. With the advent of IoT, Mauritius can also be considered as the right platform for the development of apps and SEOs. Mauritius can serve as a test bed and export its expertise to Africa. 

Furthermore, the country offers the right ecosystem to support the IoT including a complex mix of technologies, high connectivity, storage, servers, security, analytics software, and IT services, enabling international companies to provide critical solutions for the IoT industry.