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Government of Mauritius

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Renewable Energy

Mauritius launches an Expression of Interest for Offshore Wind Farms 

View and Download the EOI here

According to Statistics Mauritius, 2,575 GWh of electricity were generated in 2013 representing a 3.2% increase in consumption compared to 2012. Peak power demand capacity increased from 430.1 MW to 441.1 MW for the same period and renewable energy (R.E) accounted for 20.6% of total production. While bagasse remains the key source of renewable energy (16.4%), the remaining 4.2% of electricity generation came from hydro, wind, landfill gas and solar PV in 2013.

In 2014, some 18 GWh of electricity were produced from solar energy.

Currently wind and solar projects with a total installed capacity of 49 MW are under way.

Although the country welcomes all types of renewable energy projects, in line with international best practices in the sector and  Government’s policy decision in 2014, all renewable energy projects will only be considered in the context of a tender exercise. Promoters may register on the following email address and they will be updated about all upcoming tenders in the energy sector.

Third Party Providers

Nevertheless, private sector initiatives which do not require Government intervention can be immediately considered. The National Budget 2014 announced regulations to liberalise the sale of electricity to third parties within well-defined developments. This measure enables the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources by private promoters for direct sale to third-party consumption (including tenants). Moreover, opportunities exist for Energy Efficiency Projects targeting Large Energy Consumers and Energy Audit, Management and Advisory Services.

Waste to Energy

Waste to energy projects in Mauritius require a secured regular supply of waste prior to any negotiations with the CEB. Presently, the near totality of waste in Mauritius has already been committed for composting and waste to energy projects.

R&D in renewable energy

The micro-climate generated by the unique topology of Mauritius, its attractive investment climate and existing research institutions working on renewable energy projects, are the key assets of Mauritius as a test base for R&D projects that can be replicated on a regional scale. Moreover opportunities for collaboration exist for the use of the waters of Mauritius as a test base for  marine renewable energy projects.

Other Transformational Energy Projects

1. Deep Ocean Water Applications (DOWA) that exploit deep sea water currents for cooling and other uses.

2. Geothermal energy, currently under study, taps into the potential of heat generated by the earth.

3. Offshore wind farms which, following preliminary results by the Mauritius Research Council, demonstrate the potential for large scale developments in the waters of Mauritius and Rodrigues. 

4. Offshore wave farms demonstrating conclusive results following preliminary studies by the Mauritius Research Council.


 Relevant Institutions and Contacts

Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities (Headquarters)
Level 10, Air Mauritius Centre, John Kennedy Street, Port Louis
Tel No: 405 6700
Fax No: 208 6497
Web :
Energy Efficiency Management Office​
​8th Floor, C&R Court​
​49A, Labourdonnais Street​ Port - Louis​
Tel. No.​ 230) 210 7143​
Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach Management
Ken Lee Tower, Cnr Barracks & St Georges Streets, Port-Louis.
Tel: +(230) 203 6200 , +(230) 210 5252 (Hotline)
 Fax: +(230) 211 9524; +(230) 212 8324
Ministry of Local Government 
Level 3, Emmanuel Anquetil Building
c/r S.S.R. & J. Koenig Streets
Tel.: +(230) 201-2155
Fax: +(230) 208-9729
Web :
Central Electricity Board
Corporate Office
P.O Box 134, Rue du Savoir, Cybercity
Ph: (230) 404-2000
Fax: (230) 454-7630 / 7632
Mauritius Research Council
6th Floor, Ebene Heights
34, Cybercity
Tel: (230) 465 1235
Fax: (230) 465 1239


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