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Government of Mauritius

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Mauritius, A Knowledge Centre

Providing all the facilities and amenities of a modern knowledge hub, Mauritius is today a leading provider of quality education in the region. The Economic Vision 2030 elaborates the ambition of the Government to revamp the higher education sector and to transform it into a strong pillar of the economy.

Why Mauritius?

  1. Ideal platform for bilingual education - English & French
  2. Robust academic framework
  3. Internationally recognized academic and professional qualifications
  4. More than 700 programmes
  5. Subsidiary campuses of prestigious institutions
  6. Cosmopolitan and multicultural environment  
  7. Streamlined procedures for issuance of student visa
  8. A peaceful set-up for international students
  9. Modern expanding infrastructure
  10. Ongoing promotion of tertiary facilities
  11. A democracy with impressive ratings in international surveys and regional indices
  12. A geostrategic location that serves as a bridge linking Asia, Africa and Australia
  13. Political stability & rule of law
  14. High quality living

 Investment Opportunities

 Investment opportunities exist for the setting up of: 

  • World-class international pre-primary, primary and secondary schools
  • Polytechnic institutes
  • Specialised institutions/university campuses offering courses in fields such as Maritime, Renewable Energy, Ocean Economy, Biotechnology, Biofarming, Life Sciences, FinTech, Cloud Computing, Robotics, amongst others
  • Research Centres
  • Executive Education
  • Academies





Quick Facts

  • 911 pre-primary schools
  • 318 primary schools
  • 178 secondary schools
  • 556 training institutions
  • 10 publicly-funded tertiary educational institutions
  • 53 private tertiary educational institutions
  • 2,500 International Students (2015)
  • Gross Tertiary Enrolment Ratio: 47% (2015)
  • GDP Contribution: 4.8% (2015)
  • Total Employment: 26,500 (2015)

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