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Government of Mauritius

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Investment Opportunities

Situated  in one of the world’s cleanest oceans, Mauritius offers investment opportunities in:

  • lagoon cage culture with a production range of 300 to 500 tonnes per production unit,
  • offshore lagoon cage culture with an approximate production capacity of 2,000 tonnes per production unit,
  • inland aquaculture farms,
  • tuna ranching & fattening in cages and
  • hi-tech production techniques such as aqua pods.

A list of species, already pre-approved by the Ministry of Fisheries, is available in the Aquaculture Master Plan 2007.

Attractiveness of Mauritius

  • Mauritius has preferential market access for its seafood products to the European market through a partial EPA, the US market under the AGOA as well as COMESA and SADC   countries.

Quick Facts

  • 20 sites for aquaculture projects earmarked
  • Total production from marine aquaculture: 500 tonnes

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