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Getting Started

Register your business activity and incorporate your company with the Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD). A company can be 100% foreign owned with no minimum capital requirement. Once registered, a Business Registration Number (BRN) is issued.

Choosing the right structure

The Companies Act provides for several options to investors in terms of category, nature, and types of company structures.

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Types and categories of companies

  • Domestic Company
  • Category 1 Global Business (GBC 1)
  • Category 2 Global Business (GBC 2)

These companies may be:

  • Limited by shares
  • Limited by guarantee
  • Limited by shares and guarantee
  • Unlimited liability
  • Foreign company
  • Limited Life Company


  • Public Company
  • Private company
  • Small private company (turnover less than MUR 10 million)
  • One-person company

Click here for further information on company structures.


Selecting the company name

Availability of a name can be checked online, free of charge.  Please note that reservation of a name is not mandatory to incorporate and register a business

Registering a business and Incorporating a company

Registration of a business or incorporation of a company can be completed within 2 hours with the CBRD.

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Step 1: Register and login on CBRIS

An applicant has to register by filling in the registration form online to obtain a user name and password. Using the credentials obtained, the applicant can incorporate a company or register a business by filling in the following relevant application forms.

Incorporation of a company Registering a business
Prescribed form 1: "Application for incorporation of a company"
Prescribed forms 7, 8 and 9 (Where necessary)
BRF1 for individual
BRF2 for company/commercial partnership
BRF3 for “société”




The required documents should be uploaded.

Step 2: Payment

  • After the application is validated, payment should be effected.
  • Payment can be done by credit card or electronic transfer via local banks.

Step 3: Issue of an Electronic Certificate of Incorporation and a Business Registration Card (BRC).

  • Once registered, the BRC is issued with the Business Registration Number (BRN). The BRN is the unique identification number of the company.
  • The E-Certificate of Incorporation is issued at no extra cost and is a valid KYC document.  The authenticity of the Electronic Certificate of Incorporation can be verified online.


Incorporation of a company
Private Company MUR 3,000 USD 91
Public Company MUR 13,500 USD 405
Category 1 Global Business (Public) MUR13,500 USD 405
Category 1 Global Business (Private) MUR 3,000 USD 91
Category 2 Global Business USD 65 USD 65
Foreign Company -Registration MUR 13,500 + MUR 200 for Certificate USD 405 + USD 6 for certificate
Other fees
Summary of the file MUR 100 (online)
MUR 200 (at CBRD)
USD 3 (online)
USD 6 (at CBRD)
Signed Certificate of Incorporation MUR 300 USD 9
Registration of a Business
not more than 10 persons Rs 125 USD 4
between 11 and 50 persons Rs 250 USD 8
between 51 and 100 persons Rs 600 USD 18
above 100 persons Rs 1,500 USD 45

(Source: Companies Division, August 2017)

Please note that the fees in USD are provided for indicative purposes only.


Starting the business activities

Businesses engaged in unregulated activities may start operations immediately after registering  with the CBRD. Whilst investors should ensure that before starting a regulated activity, they hold the appropriate licence.

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Examples of regulated activities

  • Banking: Licence from Bank of Mauritius
  • Financial services: Licence from Financial Services Commission
  • Freeport Activities: Freeport Certificate issued by Board of Investment
  • Tourism related activities: Licence from Tourism Authority
  • Telecommunication Operations: License from Information and Communication Technologies Authority
  • Education and Training: Licenses from Early Childhood Care and Education Authority, Private Secondary Education Authority and Tertiary Education Commission
  • Healthcare activities: Licences from the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life


  1. Companies DO NOT have to register with the Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Environment and Sustainable Development and to the MRA as employers as they are automatically registered upon incorporation. 
  2. No seal is required by law while transacting with third parties except for companies operating with a GBC1 and GBC2 licence.


Opening a bank account

Once registered, a business can open a business bank account.  The list of commercial and corporate banks operating in Mauritius and registered with the Bank of Mauritius is available here.

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The following non-exhaustive list of documents are generally required by banks:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Registration Card
  • Certified copy of the company’s board minutes authorising the opening of the account(s) 
  • Latest annual return applicable for companies being incorporated at least 18 months of operations
  • Business plan mentioning source of funds
  • Other personal documents.


Enabling legislations