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  ISSUE No. 76

Dear Valued Investors,

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter for 2016.

We are still in the early days, but 2016 seems to be portending in its wake economic uncertainties at a global level, again dampening our hopes for a revival.

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Interview of Mr. Gérard Sanspeur, Chairman of the Board of Investment

Q1. Since your appointment as Chairman of BOI last year, what have been the milestones and main achievements of BOI?

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Case Study - Aspen Global expands its scope of activities in 2016

Established since 2008 in Grand Bay, Aspen Global has developed into one of the largest companies of Mauritius in terms of revenue and net income.

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Mauritian Diaspora's expertise & skills boost the economy

The Mauritian Diaspora Scheme has been set up based on the conviction that professional Mauritians working overseas are a precious asset to our economy.

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EU-Mauritius Political Dialogue

The 4th EU-Mauritius Political Dialogue as provided for under Article 8 of the Cotonou partnership Agreement was held in Balaclava on 8th January 2016.

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Success-story - Codevigor Ltd

The decision to leap out of the comfort of a full-time job and to launch one’s own startup is not easy.

Having worked in the software development industry for more than 8 years, Suyash Sumaroo had acquired enough experience to set up his own company.

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