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  ISSUE No. 74

Welcome to this November edition of the BOI newsletter.

The resumption of this publication is marked by renewed enthusiasm. It heralds very optimistic prospects regarding the future of Mauritius and practically the whole of the African continent.

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An analysis of investment and FDI

Investment is increasingly treated as a proxy for growth, despite it being only one variable amongst many others in the infamous growth equation.

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A Presidential Prod to the Biotechnology Sector

“In the near future, biotechnology will become an important pillar of the economy as Mauritius gradually transforms itself into an innovation and knowledge-based economy,” said Her Excellency Dr Ameenah Gurib-Fakim at the Biotech Forum held on Tuesday 13th October at Intercontinental Hotel in Paris.

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Interview of Xavier Huberlant, Marketing Manager of Phacobel

Phacobel, a Belgian pharma R&D and manufacturing company provided an insight about the biotech forum and also stated their interest to invest in Mauritius as expressed in the interview of Mr. Xavier Huberlant, Marketing Manager of Phacobel.

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Rodrigues integrates the Investment Community

Rodrigues is set to embark on a new growth path demarcated by higher value-added activities that will accelerate its economic development. Hence, the crafting of an Investment Policy Framework suited to the uniqueness of the island is deemed a sine qua non.

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