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  ISSUE No. 65

Dear Valued Investors,

In the context of globalization and regional development, one of our concerns is to know how Mauritius is faring on various indices. We monitor the country’s overall performance in order to ensure that we are in the ball game...

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Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance has grown substantially over the past decade. Its average annual growth is estimated between 15% and 20%. Islamic banking assets, on the other hand, have expanded at an impressive pace and are estimated at USD 3 trillion this year...

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Interview of Ms. Clairette
Ah- Hen, Chief Executive, FSC

Do you believe there is the need for clear corporate governance measures for international financial centres?

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Promoting Mauritian Entrepreneurship

A significant number of jobs are created by small and medium enterprises started by entrepreneurs, many of whom go on to create firms that have a considerable economic impact...

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The Film Rebate Scheme in Full Swing

Launched on a pilot basis in 2012, the Film Rebate Scheme has gained momentum. Enhanced by a 30% reimbursement on the qualified production expenditure (QPE) incurred in Mauritius by film producers, the rebate actually came into force in March 2013...

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Mauritius Africa Partnership Conference

Held in Mauritius: The Natural Investment Platform of and for Africa...

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