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  ISSUE No. 65

The Film Rebate Scheme in Full Swing

Launched on a pilot basis in 2012, the Film Rebate Scheme has gained momentum. Enhanced by a 30% reimbursement on the qualified production expenditure (QPE) incurred in Mauritius by film producers, the rebate actually came into force in March 2013.

The first quarter of 2014 has witnessed a significant increase in the number of validated projects.Production expenditure approved during Q1/2014 has reached MUR 190 million. In the 2014 budget, the QPE target is set at MUR 500 million. Based on the volume of business during Q1/2014, BOI is confident this target will be reached.

The approval of projects from repeat producers who had completed shooting for high-end commercials is a clear indication of the advantages offered by the scheme.

Furthermore, the scheme is attracting big banner movies and film projects which are being shot wholly in Mauritius. More importantly these productions are opening new opportunities to local supporting cast and crews who are employed on a project-based and freelance basis. In fact, these opportunities constitute one of the biggest sources of employment for foreign productions in Mauritius.

“Recently Friday Film Works has utilized the maximum number of local talents in various technical departments such as electric grips, lights, art and setting and camera, besides usual services such as logistics and transport and catering. This is definitely a great leap for the development and involvement of Mauritian talents in the film industry. We have employed not less than 27 local talents for our latest production which was shot over 30 days in Mauritius,” said Mr. M.Udeshi, Line Producer, Baba Enterprise Ltd.

To date, a total of 18 productions have completed shooting in Mauritius. This includes 8 feature films, 8 commercials and 2 TV programs. The total spending from these 18 projects is estimated at MUR 183 million. Hotel accommodation, ground logistics and transport, air travel and hire of equipment are among the high expenditure items. However, self-employed businesses as well as SMEs are also benefiting from outsourced businesses from line producers. Location expenses in terms of hire of bungalows, catering expenses for crews, and professional services such as accounting and taxi services represent great business openings for SMEs and the self-employed.

The Mauritian supply chain for film production is geared up to capitalize on forthcoming film business.

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