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  ISSUE No. 65
Promoting Mauritian Entrepreneurship

A significant number of jobs are created by small and medium enterprises started by entrepreneurs, many of whom go on to create firms that have a considerable economic impact. History confirms this fact. Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Intel are all success stories which have revolutionized our world. In the wake follows wealth creation.

Mauritius plans to achieve a high-income status by the year 2020. As the country embarks on the journey of creating new opportunities, it will undoubtedly need to foster a robust entrepreneurial culture aimed at maximizing both individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national and global scale. An important component of the strategy remains the enlargement of the economic space of the country.

This new section of our newsletter on Mauritian Entrepreneurship aims at promoting and portraying some of the success stories of entrepreneurs from Mauritius.

Here is the story of GlobalSign.in, a company crafted by two Mauritians in Singapore.

Two close friends had studied together at the Collège du Saint Esprit in Mauritius. When the time came to pursue their studies at university level, one decided to go to Australia, while the other decided to go to Singapore.

Though more than 2,400 miles apart, the two friends stayed in touch with each other. Five years later, they met again in Singapore to eventually found GlobalSign.in Pte Ltd (www.globalsignin.com).

Veemal Gungadin and Jonathan Easton are the two entrepreneurs. Starting their first venture together in Singapore was a long and tough journey. From zero business contacts in Singapore, they relied on their guts, sweat and tears to get their first clients, doing design and web projects. Over time as they built up their credibility and crafted their brand, they started to focus on event registration and software projects, and managed to secure bigger projects.

Today, big names like SingTel, the Prime Minister’s Office (Singapore), MediaCorp, Earth Hour and Forbes are some of the brands that count on the services of GlobalSign.in. With 18 staff in Singapore and another 22 in their subsidiary office in Myanmar, things are looking better for them.

“The fact that the Singapore public sector is open to award projects to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) helped us a lot in the start-up years. Even today, Government still rank as one of the key sectors that we support. It actually helps us to springboard to support international brands like Earth Hour and Forbes, and form meaningful partnership with clients and technology partners alike.”

After experiencing some success in Singapore and Asia, and having supported projects in Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Myanmar, the two friends are now looking at the global stage as the next phase of growth.

“We have actually received proposals from companies operating in the USA to acquire our company. But we have turned them down, as we have faith in our product offering. We are now building our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform called GEVME (www.gevme.com), which stands for Great Events Made Easy. Having worked with event organizers for over 6 years on thousands of events and powering more than 10,000 email campaigns, we have better understood the pain points of event organizers, especially in dealing with their events data. Helping the event organizers to piece the whole organization into an automated process from pre-event invites, on-site experience to post-event communication and centralizing the data collection onto one single platform will help not just the event organizers in Asia, but the world, as the same pain points will resonate with event organizers in the global events industry.”

“This is an exciting time for us, our family and our business, and we are both confident and optimistic about the future.”

Globalsign.in is an official event partner for the forthcoming Mauritius Africa Partnership Conference, scheduled in Mauritius on the 25th to 26th June this year.

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