Dear Valued Investors,

With the New Year just round the corner, it is time to reflect on our performance and outcomes regarding investment projects, project materialisation and promotional activities.

Despite an overall downside risk at the beginning of the year due to weak external demand and an international economic environment fraught with challenges, the strategies we pursued have proved their pertinence.

Overall, the island’s visibility as an investment, business and services platform for Asia and Africa has been enhanced. With the Africa Centre of Excellence, we have extended our footprint through prospection missions, forums and conferences on the continent. Significant inroads have been made in new and emerging markets. In addition, via the CNBC linkage, the positioning of Mauritius as the competitive gateway to Africa is visible...

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Retrospect 2013

Major projects implemented in 2013

2013 saw the successful and timely materialisation of numerous high-profile projects. The Board of Investment has been the catalyst for facilitating, nurturing and bringing these projects to fruition.

Property Development
In 2013, growth in the sector has been driven by the construction of office buildings and luxurious residential development under the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and the Real Estate Scheme (RES). Azuri IRS, La Balise Marina, Matala, Le Domaine des Alizées, Soleil Océan, Terrace de Martello and La Tourelle have been completed. Innovation has been at the core of these developments.

With the continued development of projects under the two schemes, the number of residential units under construction in 2013 rose to more than 200 in 41 projects, compared to 144 units in 22 projects in 2011...

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Outlook 2014

BOI’s actions in 2014 will focus on:

  • Attracting FDI to Mauritius
  • Stimulating local investment
  • Enhancing visibility of Mauritius in traditional, emerging and new markets through sustained promotional campaigns to attract investment and promote ‘work and live’
  • Promoting export of services
  • Pursuing the Africa Strategy

The objectives set for 2014 will be reached through a series of targeted promotional campaigns that will include BOI’s presence at international conferences, the organisation of road shows and missions in key markets across Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Northern America. In line with the 2014 National Budget, a series of conferences will also be organized and coordinated by BOI both locally as well as in Africa.

The promotional strategy will include hosting of work sessions for inward visiting delegations from India, China, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Germany and Africa, through the "Africa-week" series.

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